The Pie Hole is Poised to Open on 9th St.

By Sarah Mausert

This is not a drill!  This is what we have been preparing for! Durham is about to have an all pie, all the time restaurant.  The Pie Hole will be opening soon at 810 Ninth Street, suite 130-on the southeast corner of 9th and Green.  You can expect to hear about the grand opening later this month.


Owners Young and Surelyne Lee are native New Yorkers who now reside in Cary.  Young told me he did not even know about Ninth Street in Durham until he was looking for a space for the first east coast location of the Pie Hole.  The unique vibe and community feel of the location let the Lees know that they had found the perfect spot.  There are also five Los Angeles-area Pie Hole locations and two in Tokyo.  The Durham location features North Carolina charm-Bull City Designs brought in beautiful, rustic wood from old barns for the bar and tables. There’s also a large outdoor patio that I’m looking forward to enjoying with a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or mimosa before noon on a Sunday (yay!).

There are some delicious things on the menu.  Let us start with breakfast.  What? Pie for breakfast? Yes, there are breakfast hand pies on the menu such as the chorizo breakfast hand pie and the veggie kale hand pie.  If perchance you or your friend aren’t in the mood for pie for breakfast, there are also “Friends of Pie” like muffins and a yogurt parfait available.  There is a variety of fair trade coffee beverages available made with an exclusive Pie Hole Blend.  If you want a little extra comfort with your coffee there are coffee cocktails available too.


The savory pot pies are total comfort food.  I tried the shepherd’s pie and the mac’n cheese pies and both were outstanding. The mac’n cheese pie was delicious with strings of cheese clinging to my fork; the shepherd’s pie was my favorite though.  I am a mushroom lover and this pie is made with ground beef, mushrooms, peas, and a layer of creamy smooth mashed potatoes under the crust.  The other savory offerings are the roasted veggie, chicken’n cornbread, and veggie curry pies.


There is, of course, a long line up of sweet pies from the traditional mom’s apple crumble to the cereal killer cheesecake (think Fruity Pebbles or Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a cheesecake).  I tried and can highly recommend the Earl Grey Tea pie.  The tea is steeped for 24 hours to get lots of great flavor into the pie and there’s a layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom.  The pie is light and fluffy and sweet and salty with a crunch of pistachios on top.  It is a great choice if you are in the mood for something unique.


All of the pies are made from scratch and the friendly staff is eager to help and answer any questions.  You can also order whole pies and request catering.  Mother and son Becky Grasley and Matthew Heffner created the Pie Hole and run the company with Matthew’s wife, Lindsay Hollister, and family friend, Sean Brennan. Get down to the Pie Hole and check out the seasonal menu and generations old recipes.


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