Social House Vodka is Opening a North Carolina Distillery

By Sarah Mausert

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If you’ve not yet heard of Social House Vodka, you soon will.  Three Stacks Distilling Company is opening in Kinston this summer and its vodka will be available across the state in late-July.  Three friends, Cary Joshi, Mark Mullins, and G Patel, all with experience in the restaurant, hospitality, and spirits industries, joined forces to create a farm-to-flask vodka in North Carolina.


The philosophy that drove the development of Social House Vodka is not only about producing a premium, locally sourced product, but also about friendship and community.  Social House President Cary Joshi said, “We began this journey believing that when good friends come together, great things can happen…We each put a lot of passion into our work, personal relationships and experiences. We want Social House Vodka to embody that. If we can create something special that complements time with friends—sharing a laugh, toasting a milestone, kicking back for some rest and relaxation—that’s a wonderful thing to be a part of…We not only want to deliver a superior product for people to enjoy, but we also are mindful of how we can use Social House Vodka to positively impact the economy, job growth, and charitable initiatives.”


The distillery will be opened in a century-old abandoned power plant in Kinston and there are some big plans for this building. The goal is to use energy efficient building technologies and waste up-cycling into renewable energy to create a Zero Net Carbon operation. This includes providing high nutrient feed for local farmers. Said Joshi, “We love North Carolina; we live, work and play in the Triangle and value the fellowship we’ve found in Kinston.” For the non-natives out there, Kinston is only around two hours southeast of Durham; it would be a fun day trip to head down there, check out the distillery, Mother Earth Brewing, and Chef and the Farmer or the Boiler Room.

Also, as a reminder, when you go into your local ABC store, if you’re looking for locally produced spirits, you have to look in the North Carolina section of the store, not the spirit specific section. This is something that I tend to forget, so I thought I’d throw it out there.

Author: Sarah was born a yankee, but has been a Durhamite for ten years now. She enjoys red wine, bourbon, her dogs, Captain and Morgan, and her cats, Johnny and Walker.




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