Get the Lowdown on the Terra Vita Food & Drink Festival by visiting the Blind Pig

by Sarah Mausert

The 8th Terra Vita Food and Drink Festival will take place in the Triangle this year October 18-21. Details will be released and tickets will be available for purchase following an eight course meal presented by the Blind Pig Supper Club in Raleigh on May 7th.  The theme for the meal will be the number eight-it’s the 8th year of the Terra Vita festival; the Blind Pig Supper will take place on the eve of 8th (of May) with eight courses by eight chefs.  Even more, eight will be a visual theme on all the plates served that evening.  Don’t worry, you can still buy tickets to Terra Vita if you don’t attend the Blind Pig Supper, but it won’t be nearly as much fun.

There are a few more details that you need to know.  First, the Blind Pig Supper Club is an established chef network producing “underground” creative dining experiences and collaborative tasting menus.  This means the location of the meal isn’t revealed until 48 hours before the event.  The menu remains a secret as well, until guests arrive.  The event, which starts at 6 PM, is “bring your own beverage,” wine or beer only please-hard liquor is not permitted.  Finally, gratuity is not included.

The chefs, who come from across North Carolina are as follows: Steve Goff of Brinehaus Meat & Provisions in Raleigh, Kim Hunter of Kimbap Café in Raleigh, Matthew Krenz of The Asbury in Charlotte, Phoebe Lawless of Scratch in Durham, Mike Moore of The Blind Pig Supper Club in Asheville, Dean Neff of PinPoint Restaurant in Wilmington, Jeff Seizer of Royale in Raleigh, and Jamie Swofford of The Chef’s Farmer in Shelby.

Photo of Phoebe Lawless courtesy of the News and Observer, photo of Kimbap courtesy of Pinterest.

The Blind Pig Supper Club was established in 2011 in Asheville and since then has produced over 100 unique supper concepts which help support non-profit organizations both monetarily and through awareness.  Proceeds from the supper on May 7th will go to the TerraVita Educational Foundation.

The Terra Vita Food & Drink Festival focuses on sustainability and demonstrates this concept by producing a zero waste event.  The TerraVita Educational Foundation focuses on educational initiatives relating to nutrition and healthy eating as well as working with organizations that support access to safe, fresh food.

Tickets for the Blind Pig Supper Club meal are expected to go fast and are available for purchase on their website. You must be a member to purchase tickets; an annual membership to the Blind Pig Supper Club costs only $10.

Author: Sarah was born a yankee, but has been a Durhamite for ten years now.  She enjoys red wine, bourbon, her dogs, Captain and Morgan, and her cats, Johnny and Walker.


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