Get Inspired by Peppers at the 9th Annual Pepper Festival

It is the end of the summer season and peppers, sweet and spicy, are in abundance. What better way to celebrate the diversity of the pepper then with a Pepper Festival at Briar Chapel? Best of all, the proceeds benefit Abundance NC, a nonprofit committed to sustainable fuels and local agriculture.


What is Pepper Fest?

“Abundance North Carolina presents The Ninth Annual Amazing Pepper Festival, Sunday, October 2, 2016! PepperFest is a celebration of sustainable agriculture, farmers, and the creativity of the Piedmont’s chefs, brewers and artisans.”

“It’s an outdoor event held at the best time of year in North Carolina, in the middle of a large green park in Chapel Hill’s Briar Chapel neighborhood. Around 1300+ folks come out to enjoy the music and revelry and fill up on delicious pepper-themed dishes.”

I spoke with Chef Brendan Cox of Oakleaf in Pittsboro and most recently Alberello Cafe and Market in Briar Chapel, Chapel Hill. I already knew how fun this event is for me, my friends and families, but wanted to hear a chefs perspective on Pepper Festival. Here’ is what Chef had to say:

Brendan Cox

What is your dish? “We’re going to do a Roasted Lunch Box Pepper, Stuffed with Goat Cheese Mousse & Crushed Pistachio Sauce”

What inspired it? “We chose this dish based entirely on the flavor profiles of the ingredients-there’s not a particular inspiriation-and also to have a vegetarian item because guests of these events seem to appreciate when we do”

Why do you participate? ” We participate because it’s an important event for Chatham County and provides an opportunity to meet guests and other people outside of our four walls. Many of these events can feel routine but Pepperfest is always a good time for us as participants”

What aspects of the festival stand out to you? “We like the opportunity to see the other restaurants that make up our community, we often don’t have the time to go out to dinner, but Pepperfest affords us that chance.

Thank you Chef Cox for the insight!

Pepper Kid Fun.jpg

Notable things this year:

One of the largest chef competitions in the area, the Abundance NC Pepper Fest features 50 NC chefs/brewers and their zestiest pepper creations!

Pepper Food.jpg

Spice up your wardrobe with the all-new Hot Glam Pepper-Themed Fashion Show! Area designers will feature they’re spiciest “Harvest-Themed Couture” in partnership with Redress Raleigh.


The 9th Annual Pepper Festival is rolling out the inaugural Spicy Kid Chef Competition: Six of the Triangle’s top chefs will mentor elementary-aged “Pepper Proteges” for the title of “Pint-Sized Pepper King or Queen.”


Many notable chefs will bring their A-game with zesty, sweet, spicy and savory bites for guests to sample. There is even a pepper table which offers guests a chance to sample the various peppers and find out what they taste like.




So grab your friends and family and join the fun THIS Sunday.


PepperFest is on Sunday, October 2, 2016, 2-7pm

Great Meadow Park at Briar Chapel
Chapel Hill, NC

For your GPS, enter:
185 Granite Mill Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(just up the hill from Margaret Pollard Middle School)

then watch for signs and people directing traffic!


Click HERE to buy tickets

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