Keep your Pups Happy, Buy Local!!

This month on the My Carolina Today show I had the opportunity to talk about some great local people making delicious and nutritious dog treats.

Having two dogs of my own, I am very conscientious about what they eat. I buy all my dog food and treats at Oliver’s Collar and while I can’t remember the brand name of the food I buy, it is a grain free ,lamb and lentil mix. My dogs love it.


As for treats, they’ve never met a treat they didn’t like. The best part is that Oliver’s Collar makes their own treats, cookies and cupcakes AND sell Barley Labs and Chew Monster. It’s one stop doggy shopping for me.  Since I usually have to swing into The Streets of Southpoint once a week, I’ve started to make sure I go sometime between Thursday and Sunday when I know Good Grace’s will have their kiosk open.  After watching the My Carolina Today video, you will know just how good their tumbleweed treats are =)

On a fun note, respond with your favorite doggy picture a sentence or two of your favorite doggy moment between now and Sunday. Monday morning I will randomly choose a winner to receive a box of treats from Oliver’s Collar, Barley Labs and Chew Monster. If you mention seeing the My Carolina Today show at either Good Grace’s mall kiosks, they will give you a 15% discount.

Below you will find everything you need to know about these fabulous Triangle businesses.

Video from My Carolina Today, and yes, you will see me eating dog treats.

Good Grace’s Handmade Dog Treats

Good Graces Logo copy

All of our treats are handmade with all human-grade ingredients with no chemicals, preservatives, coloring or additives

We offer 16 different flavors

Eight of our flavors are Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free with six of those being strictly Grain-Free

We incorporate ingredients with specific health benefits to dogs (see attachment)

We sell our treats in variety bags, enabling our customers to choose whichever flavors they’d like, therefore only paying for flavors they know their dogs love. Absolutely customizable!

Each bag has a picture of one of our “Wagnificent Customers” on the bag, and yes, you can order bags with your dog’s picture on them. Personalized!

We currently sell our treats at four local farmer’s markets: Western Wake (Cary), South Durham, Midtown (Raleigh, North Hills Mall), and Holly Springs as well as many, many special events and festivals year-round throughout the triangle. Thursdays-Sundays we occupy kiosks at the Streets at Southpoint Mall (Chipotle/Panera Bread entrance) and at the Cary Towne Center Mall (near the food court).

Currently, the best way to find us is through our Facebook page (GoodGracesDogTreatsInc) with a website/online store set to launch at the end of the year.

(919) 816-7885

Chew Monster Dog Treats

CM hor vector

We started in 2011 to turn the hobby of baking with spent grain from home brewing into a business.  Chew Monster perfectly combines our love of dogs, beer, and the environment.

We use locally-farmed ingredients, so our treats feed back into the local economy while, more importantly, leading to the freshest treat possible. (These ingredients include our organic whole wheat flour, eggs, honey, natural peanut butter, and sweet potatoes.)

Our treats do not contain corn, soy, meal, or preservatives of any sort. After baking, they undergo a lengthy dehydration to ensure a shelf life of over 6 months.

We follow environmentally sustainable practices such as composting kitchen byproducts, using biodegradable packaging printed locally with soy-based inks, and “upcycling” malted barley from the beer brewing process.

All of our flavors are made with five or fewer ingredients, all of which are natural and easy to recognize. We also offer a wheat-free flavor in addition to our “spent grain” flavors.

Barley Labs

Barley Labs -ogo

About the Treats

  • All-natural made with four simple ingredients:
    • Recycled barley from Fullsteam Brewery
    • Whole wheat flour
    • Eggs
    • Natural flavor component: peanut butter, pumpkin, or cheddar cheese from Durham’s Cultured Cow Creamery
  • MSRP $6.49 for an 8 oz. bag
  • 10 cents from every bag sold donated to the Animal Protection Society of Durham as a way to honor our rescue dog Barley who inspired the business

About Using Beer Grain

  • Scott is a home brewer and learned he could make dog treats from the leftover barley (“spent grain”) used in the beer making process.
  • During the beer making process, the barley has been steeping in water. Brewers then separate the grain from the water. The water is used to make beer. The grain that is left is what we use to create the treats.
  • There’s no beer in the treats so no drunk dogs, just happy ones.

Sourcing the Grain from Fullsteam

  • We needed a grain source so we contacted CEO Sean Lilly Wilson at Fullsteam because we are a huge fan of their beer and their very dog-friendly bar.
  • They donate most of their grain to local farmers who use it as feed and agreed to supply some to us to use for our treats.
  • We specifically use the grain from Fullsteam’s Southern Lager because it’s 100% barley and it is a light colored grain – we didn’t want the treats to be too dark.

Where to Buy Barley Labs

  • Nearly 70 stores carry Barley Labs; Full store list available at
  • Some specific stores in the Triangle area include:
    • Durham
      • Fullsteam, Bean Traders, Oliver’s Collar, Bull Street Gourmet & Market, Harris Teeter
    • Raleigh/Cary
      • AniMall, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, NOFO at the Pig
    • Chapel Hill
      • Weaver Street Market (all three locations), Harris Teeter

Holiday Gift Pack

  • Will only be available at for $14
  • 5 oz. bags of each flavor of our treats (peanut butter, pumpkin, and cheese)
  • Barley Labs pint glass
  • All packed into a Barley Labs gift box

 About Us

  • Theresa Chu and Scott Beaudry – Co-owners
  • Barley, Chief Inspiration Officer and VP of Quality Control; Hops, Director of PR

Oliver’s Collar

Website Banner w txt blue 860px

  • All of our treats, cookies, and cakes are baked on site including 3 flavors of doggie ice cream.
  • Oliver’s Collar products are wheat, corn and soy free.
  • Our cookies are frosted with a sugar-free yogurt icing using all natural decorating colors.
  • We bake custom birthday cakes using cream cheese icing and all natural decorating colors (minimum 3 days notice for custom orders).
  • The store also sells dog food, toys, accessories, etc.

Our products are available at Oliver’s Collar as well as 17 other retail shops across NC, PA and VA (see for locations).

4711 Hope Valley Road, Suite 4B, Durham NC 27707



5 thoughts on “Keep your Pups Happy, Buy Local!!

  1. Our dog Tucker has been taught to get the paper every morning, of course in reward he got a treat for this. One morning our paper was not that there and he was so upset, probably thinking that he was not going to get a treat, he went across the street and brought the neighbors paper home. Well he did get his treat but he had to take the paper back too!

  2. Our family just adopted a lab puppy on Wednesday so I don’t really have a funny story yet but when I told the breeder that we thought we might name him Tucker, she told us that Tucker was his father’s name. I’m sure I will have a funny story soon! Believe it or not, his first welcome home gift was a bag of Barley Labs treats from a friend.

  3. I love that story @heathab, it always amazes me how intuitive our furr babies are. Thanks for all the work you do with local animal groups. Nothing better than owning a rescue. And if you didn’t know, Barley Labs donates 10 cents of each bag of dog treats sold to Durham APS =)

  4. Here’s a story about my beloved Lyla, whom we lost this Summer. We’ve got three more dogs at home and all of our wonderful clients to enjoy the treats if we win!

    I’ve known and loved many dogs. Most dog lovers my age (38) can likely say the same, but when I say many, I mean more than most. Around 11 years ago the number of dogs I came to know and love began to multiply at a pace faster than my memory can hold.
    Working for the Animal Protection Societies of both Durham and Orange Counties had me interacting with and getting to know hundreds of dogs. Next I added volunteering with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. Finally, as co-owner of Bull City Pet Sitting, an Indy Readers Best of the Triangle, I have now probably known and loved thousands of dogs.
    I give you this history as a way to quantify that I KNOW dogs. I can read a flick of the head, a lick of a tongue, the wag of a tail but when one of my own dogs was trying to tell me something last year, I had no idea what she was saying.
    Lyla, a big, black and beautiful Shepherd mix adopted from the Orange County APS about 10 years ago is what those of us who really know dogs call ‘a heart dog.’ Her place in my life and in my heart fills up more space than all four of my other dogs. Lyla is wonderful in many ways but she is also very difficult in others. Her prey drive is so strong that she has broken through a window, eaten window sills, dug through carpet, gotten bit and stung, broken or lost almost all of her teeth, and when we bought our home, forced us to erect a $5,400 Lyla proof fence (which she managed to breech three years later.)
    Spring of 2010, Lyla started acting strangely inside the house. She was pacing constantly, paying extra attention to the baseboards and floor registers. After a week of waiting out this bizarre behavior watching it escalate into whining while pacing we thought, given her prey drive, something had taken up residence in our crawl space. We set a couple of humane traps. Another week of neurotic pacing and the most we caught were flies on the cat food bait. A scheduled trip sends us out of the house for a few days and my business partner/pet sitter reports Lyla is still pacing.
    Home again to more pacing. Lyla is exhausted, she is barely sleeping. She is so worked up that she vomits her food. I am dreading the appointment I need to make with the Vet where they will tell me she has a brain tumor. One evening 3 weeks into the pacing, I notice water on the kitchen floor. A good push on the Pergo plank sends water squishing up from below. The water supply line to the icemaker had sprung a leak just below the floorboards. It had been leaking for 3 weeks. The entire kitchen had to be gutted.
    The moment the water was turned off, Lyla slept like she hadn’t in weeks.

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