Dave and Buster’s Cary – Fun, Food, and Fabulous Games!

When Johanna asked me if I could cover the Dave and Buster’s Cary media day, I may have clapped my hands and squealed.

I have very fond memories of hanging out at the Dave and Buster’s in Atlanta as a visiting young adult- the combination of arcade games and mixed drinks was a potent recipe for fun. I wondered if it would be as much fun as a “grown-up” or if my memories were simply bright from the sheen of youth and alcohol.

Spoiler alert: I was *not* disappointed.

Dave and Buster’s newest location is at Cary Towne Center (@DaveBustersCary on Twitter), right off Highway 40. At 29,000 square feet with over 140 games, it’s a huge, fun-filled location with something for everyone of all ages.

Our first mission of the day was a tour of the space. I was lucky to be in a tour group with some entertaining folks- John from Triangle Explorer (@triangleexplorer), Lauren from Yelp NC (@YelpNCtriangle), and Ron from Foodalicious Follies(@foodaliciousNC).

Dave and Buster's Cary sports bar
Dave and Buster’s Cary sports bar

The first stop on our tour was the sports bar area. It boasts three huge TVs devoted to sports. The sports bar will also host trivia on big event nights. If you win, you get to play Dave and Buster’s “Spin ‘N’ Win” game, with prizes ranging from 10% off your entree to a $25 Power Card (the Power Card is Dave and Buster’s reloadable game card, used to play every game in their game room.)

Dave and Buster's Cary cocktail and beer bar
Dave and Buster’s Cary bar

The bar was our next stop. We were assured that the bartenders would be mixing with lots of flair, and with over 80 cocktails on the drink menu, that’s plenty of opportunity for them to show off their amazing skills. Beer fans will be happy to learn that the 10 draft beers on tap include Winston-Salem favorite Foothills brewery. Also to note for beer lovers is their signature “Beer Tube”- a 100oz large test tube filled with beer. At Dave and Buster’s, pitchers are for sissies. The bar also has plenty of screens for more sports watching (and I heard that they will be showing UFC in the bar, so get ready, fellow MMA fans!)

@TriangleExplorer plays Fruit Ninja
John (@TriangleExplorer) tries his hand at Fruit Ninja.

Then it was on to everyone’s favorite stop- the game room. Dave and Buster’s has every type of game imaginable- Vegas style coin games, virtual reality games, arcade style games (including Pac Man!) and old-fashioned games (including my personal favorite, Skee Ball.) Kids are welcome at Dave and Buster’s until 10pm with a parent or guardian, and Wednesday all games are half-price, something this mom was glad to hear. We had a blast burning up our Power Cards with games like Fruit Ninja (from the popular app), Big Bass Wheel (much like the big wheel from The Price is Right), four player air hockey (I’d never seen this version before, and it’s so much fun to play) and the Giant Claw (a *huge* version of the traditional claw game- I even won a big stuffed frog to bring home to my sweetheart!)

Dave and Buster's Winner's Circle prize room
Excellent prizes to choose from in the Winner’s Circle!

If you don’t win at the Giant Claw, don’t worry- for many games, you win tickets. Dave and Buster’s has an amazing selection of prizes in their Winner’s Circle prize room. You can even save up your tickets by having them transferred to your Power Card and use them for the biggest prizes, like an electric guitar or an iPad.

Events room at Dave and Buster's Cary
Check out that beautiful mural of Yates Mill Pond.

After we wore ourselves out with all that competition, Dave and Buster’s gave us a preview of their menu in one of their private events rooms. These events rooms can seat up to 100 people comfortably and are equipped with big screen TVs for A/V presentations, making it a great choice for events such as corporate team-building exercises. The events rooms at Dave and Buster’s Cary have a wonderful mural of Yates Mill Pond.

Desserts at Dave and Buster's
The chocolate cake was my favorite.

The menu was traditional pub grub like spinach dip, pigs in blankets, spicy potato chips, and french fries. The real standout was dessert, with favorites like Bananas Foster and a rich chocolate cake. I’ll be grabbing a big dessert before my next gaming session to give me extra energy!

specialty cocktails at Dave and Buster's
Dave and Buster’s specialty cocktails

They also featured several of their specialty cocktails, each with a lovely presentation. Some, like the D&B TNTea (their Long Island iced tea), come with a take-home glass.

virgin Cherry Berry mojito at Dave and Buster's
virgin Cherry Berry mojito

If you don’t drink alcohol, no worries- the bartenders are happy to prepare many of their drinks without the alcohol. I had a virgin Cherry Berry Mojito, and which was pretty as well as delicious. It was not too sweet, and had a pronounced lime flavor that I loved.

As we left, many of the employees we’d met during our tour thanked us for coming, which was a really nice touch. I had a great time at Dave and Buster’s Cary location, and I can’t wait to take my family back for a visit. Thanks, Dave and Buster’s!

Gabrielle Kaasa Gabrielle is a proud Durhamite who enjoys cooking almost as much as eating. When she’s not in the kitchen, Gabrielle enjoys photography and adventuring with her partner, Bill, and son, Noah.


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