Vittles Films Benefit Dinner at Vin Rouge

On June 20th Vin Rouge will host a mouth-watering 5-course dinner to help support Vittles Films, a team of filmmakers sharing meaningful and relevant stories about people and food through short documentaries.

Executive Chef Matt Kelly has prepared an incredible menu, but then again he always does, inspired by fresh local ingredients. The cost is $100 per person  with all proceeds going to fund The Farmer Veteran Project  Reservations are required and seating is limited to 40. Red and White wine, soft beverages included.

If you are unable to attend the dinner, please consider helping Vittles through there Kickstarter campaign.


• Chilled local tomato soup, peeky toe crab, avocado, basil

• Salad of smoked NC trout, horseradish, fennel, rye croutons, preserved lemon aioli

• Ricotta gnocchi, Johnston County ham, creme fraiche, curry

• Filet of Beef, burgundian escargot, creamed spinach, pont neuf potatoes, Borderlaise sauce

• Chocolate mousse, Maldon sea salt, Argumanto

About Vittles Films

Vittles is a team of documentary filmmakers crafting stories about the intersections of people and food. Culture and identity revolve around our most essential provisions, creating traditions and memories, indulgence and inequality, universal stories and deeply personal connections. Vittles seeks to follow these threads and attend to the big questions.

Victoria Bouloubasis, Outreach Coordinator for Vittles, chief contributor to the Independent Weekly and voice behind the blog This Feeds Me, says, “We explore the intersections of food and people in a lyrical form of storytelling through short documentaries. (Our first short doc, Cafe Sense, about fair-trade coffee and a local, visually-impaired man’s sensory experience with it, screened at Full Frame this year!) We’re currently working on an ambitious project, The Farmer Veteran Project.”

Current Project:

The Farmer Veteran Project


Alex Sutton is a combat veteran with six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. An IED explosion ended his military service and destroyed his legs in 2008. Back home in North Carolina, medically discharged and standing on new titanium legs, he still possesses a strong desire to serve his country. Alex believes that he can do this best through farming.

Alex Sutton with his service dog, Riley. Photo by Jeremy M. Lange

The Farmer Veteran Project (working title) is a documentary film about transition and possibility in the face of pain and trauma. Alex is one of the 1.6 million veterans from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to make a return to daily life, many in rural communities with high unemployment. Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture reports that half of all farmers in the United States will retire in the next decade . This film explores the formidable challenges we face as a country. How do we begin to mend and support the wounded? Who will continue to work the land responsibly?

Showgirl, one of Alex Sutton’s heirloom bird breeds. Photo by Jeremy M. Lange

Vin Rouge

2010 Hillsborough Road

Durham, NC



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