Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market Fresh Chef Competition 2012

This just came across my desk and I had to share it with you. This is an awesome opportunity to showcase your cooking talents utilzing farm fresh ingredients. So go ahead, sign up for the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market Fresh Chef Competition 2012 on June 23rd. Deadline to sign up is June 19th.

Information care of Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market

Love the farmers’ market??  Are you passionate about food? Love to cook?  Do you have areal knack for combining ingredients and developing great flavors?  Are you known for opening up your pantry and creating a great meal, throwing great dinner parties, or catering your friends’special events?

If you are a skilled cook, but not a professional chef, now is your chance to showcase your talent at the Chapel Hill Farmers’Market!  Race the clock, use local ingredients available at the market, and present to our esteemed judges.  Win great prizes- cooking classes, professional knife set, dinner at a 4 star restaurant, etc.)  Anyone with a knack for cooking can apply.

“Hi! I just wanted to tell you that winning the Farmers Market Fresh Chef competition last year meant so much to me. Thank you for holding this fun event for the every-day cooks. I still feel proud and honored to have been a part of the competition and I sincerely hope that the new winner feels as much sheer joy as I felt the moment my name was called. Thank you again for the wonderful experience!”

Fresh Chef Competition Guidelines

·  Each contestant will use a set amount of their own money ($20) to purchase local fruits, vegetables,and herbs from the Chapel Hill Farmers Market vendors at the start of the contest.  Chefs may not pre-purchase products at the market.

·  The contestants are asked to prepare a dish (number of individual items are up to contestants) of their choice, to present to the judging panel.

·       A selection of proteins will be provided by the market for contestant use. These will be presented in the per-contest meeting.  Selection of the protein will be determinedby a random draw.  Each contestant is required to use one of the proteins in their dish.

·  Each contestant will have 30 minutes in which to purchase and clean their food products.  9:30-10:00am.

·  The Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market will provide water and tubs to wash the purchased produce, a propane stove, one table for each contestant, limited access to electricity, and a hand-washing facility for contestants.

·  All other cooking items and ingredients needed for preparation of recipes will be provided by the individual contestants.

·  The focus of the competition is on locally grown fruits and vegetables. Thus, the locally grown fruits and vegetables purchased that morning are to be the main focus of each recipe.  Use of herbs and spices (up to 7 pre-approved) is left up to the creativity of the individual contestants.  No outside produce or compound ingredients are allowed.

·  The competition will begin promptly at 9:30 am with the purchasing of food.  Contestants will have 30 minutes to purchase their food and return to the contest area. Cleaning may begin immediately. Cooking may not begin till 10am.

·  The judging panelwill consist of 5 local celebrities, public officials, and audience members.

·  The chefs’ creations will be judged on the following: effective use of locally grownfruits and vegetables; originality; presentation (plates will be provided); taste; and food demonstration skills.

·  The judges’ decisions will be announced at 11:30 am. All judging is final.

·  Winners will choose their prizes in order of award.

·   Amateur is defined as someone who does notmake a living from preparing food.

·  Contestants may begin setting up their area at 9:00. Contest meeting and additional ingredient inspection will begin at 9:15am.  Purchasing and cleaning of ingredients may begin at 9:30am.  Cooking begins at 10am.

·  A temporary food permit is not needed since food will not be sold to the public as part of this competition. We do ask that contestants follow best practices of food safety.

·  The winner ofthis year’s event will be asked to serve on the judging panel for next years competition.

To Sign up: contact with “FCC” in the subject heading.  Required information: name, email address.

5 contestants will be chosen randomly. Contest entry will end June 19th , 2012 at 11:59 pm.  Contestants will be notified on June 20, 2012 by 12 noon.

Further questions may be directed to :

Lindsay Smith, Market Manager

Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market


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