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Printed with permission by SavorNC

Want to add some spice to your next meal and make it unforgettable? Read my profile of the Savory Spice Shop in the Fall issue of SavorNC , then make your way to Bob and Cindy’s store for an experience you won’t forget.

Spice of Life


A man walks in carrying a jar of pickles; a young lady arrives bearing chocolates; yet another customer shows up with a dish of homemade vindaloo. What do they have in common? These are customers of Bob and Cindy Jones’ Savory Spice Shop, coming to share products they have created — a testament to the
store’s friendly, inviting, and appealing environment.

Picture courtesy of Savory Spice Shop

The story begins in July 2005 when the Joneses, who lived in the North Shore town of Port Jefferson, Long Island, drove down to vacation in Nags Head and Raleigh. The couple loved the Raleigh area so much that a return trip in the fall included the Parade of Homes Tour. “What are we doing living in New York?” Cindy recalls asking. “We fell in love with Raleigh and its people and felt at home in North Carolina.” The next thing they knew, they were sitting in front of a contractor designing their future home. The couple’s decision to become entrepreneurs didn’t happen immediately; Bob continued to work remotely while they researched opportunities. “Both of us love people and to entertain. I love to cook and Bob loves to bake, ”Cindy says. The couple agreed they were “passionate foodies” at heart, but had no interest in opening a restaurant. Then, they discovered the Savory Spice Shop.

The Joneses opened their North Raleigh store in Lafayette Village in September 2010. The shop offers more than 400 varieties of herbs and spices, ground fresh every week, and 140 different spice blends. Customers can purchase as little or
as much as they would like, starting at a half-ounce. Prioritizing customer
service, Bob, Cindy, and their staff are quick to offer tips and recipes. They
recommend blends with which you can accent more than one dish, rather than
sending you home with a dozen spices. “We want to make it easy for our
customers,” says Cindy.

Courtesy of the Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop is at 8470 Honeycutt Road in Raleigh. 919-900-8291;

For tailgate-worthy recipes inspired by these spices, visit www.savorncmagazine.com.

Cindy’s Top 10 Spice Blends:

Capitol Hill

Cherry Creek Seafood Seasoning

Coastal Bay

Mt. Massive Steak Rub

Herbs de Provence

Jamaican Jerk

Park Hill Maple Pepper

Mt. Elbert

Parmesan Pesto Sprinkle

Asian Style Sesame Sprinkle

You can follow Savory Spice Shop on Twitter: @SavoryRaleigh or Facebook:
Savory Spice Shop Raleigh


2 thoughts on “Spice of Life – SavorNC

  1. Thank YOU Nancie for your kind words. Be sure to introduce yourself to Bob and Cindy when you visit their store. You are to sure to walk away with new friends. Hope to see you soon, J

  2. Heard of this business, but I hadn’t really tuned in until I read your story here. You really bring this home for me — the customers returning with the food they created from Savory Spice Shop’s wares speaks beautifully to the business and the people who own it and work there. I look forward to becoming a customer. You also sent me to SavorNC. I’m going to pick up an issue today at one of their many Chapel Hill distribution spots. Thanks for another wonderful post.

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