Market Restaurant & The Raleigh Apiary Project

Market Restaurant Chef and C0-owner Chad McIntyre has launched the Raleigh Apiary Project, an initiative to build and install five more bee hives on their restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

Chad has launched the initiative on Kickstarter to raise $2800 for supplies and materials to install four additional bee hives on the restaurant’s roof. They already have two hives. One of them will have a camera that allows the local  school students from the C.O.N.C.E.R.T. Program to follow the bees.

The honey will be used in the dishes at Market as well as for Escazu (the premium chocolatier next door). Chad’s also looking to kick up the number of bees to pollinate their urban garden at the restaurant and the other gardens in the neighborhood. is a pay-it-forward, social networking site that allows people of like mind to find ways to help launch business and social initiatives. Each project has a set start and stop date. Only when a project meets its fundraising goals do the people who have pledged money pay up. It’s easy to use your credit card to make a pledge on the web site. Returns on the apiary investments include honey-based lip balm, Escazu chocolate, jars of honey and special dinners at the restaurant. Longterm goals include a CSA honey program for yearly memberships.

The Raleigh Apiary Project fundraising ends on July 29.

MOVIE NIGHT on July 27: To raise awareness for the project, Market will host a free outdoor screening of “Vanishing of the Bees” (a documentary on the decline of bee populations) on a 16-foot screen in the restaurant’s parking lot on July 27. Music will be provided by the local jazz band Spicy Crawtails, and bee keeper Ben Crawly will be on hand to answer questions along with an observation hive set up for the evening.

Market Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant focused on fresh, non-pretentious presentations of locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant is located in the historic Mordecai neighborhood of downtown Raleigh, NC at 938 N. Blount St. near Peace College. Chef Chad and his team have been open for just a year, and they’ve already been selected as “Best Dish in North Carolina” finalist in the statewide North Carolina Department of Agriculture <> <>    | Twitter @MarketRaleigh |

Information provided by DK Communication Group


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