Pie Pushers – Pies for the People

I remember the first time I fell in love with pizza. I was seated in a tiny cafe tucked into a corner of an alley, off a tiny cobble stoned street in Barcelona. It had a thin crust that was slightly burnt from the wood burning oven and there were little dough puffs peaking up at me from between slices of melted in-house made mozzarella. The toppings included salami, wild mushrooms, thick slices of sweet onions and a scattering of green olives. I found my little slice of heaven in that cafe and every time I eat a perfect slice of pie, I am transported back to that day in Barcelona.

It will come as no surprise then that this blog post is about Pie Pushers.

Pie Pushers is the new food truck about to hit the streets of Durham, and owners Becky and Mike are “super excited.” Their debut is set for this Friday, April 1st at MotorCo for the Hammer No More the Fingers CD release show.

They are set to start slinging pie at 8pm and I will no doubt be just one of many waiting in anticipation for that first bite. The best thing to do is follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get all the latest updates.

Becky and Mike are local Durhamites who have spent the last 4 years getting to know the area’s food industry. Their background is a mix of culinary and business professions, a great mix for all the planning and preparing they’ve been doing for well over a year to get Pie Pushers on the street…….and pizza in our mouths.

Pizza has been a favorite of Mike’s ever since he started cooking, and for the past 17 years he’s been making it either professionally or as a hobby for friends and family. According to Becky, “the dough is a family recipe that Mike has been fine-tuning with his mom for over a decade.” Mike likes to call his pies “thin crust hand tossed pizzas,” which they often joke they are going to refer to as “Durham-Style.” They plan to focus on local ingredients and create a varying menu based on what’s in season to compliment their regular menu. Becky says they plan to showcase a few specialty pies that might not have the normal and traditional ingredients we are used to finding on a pizza, “but once you try them, you’ll understand the direction we’re heading.” I must admit, the suspense is killing me.

Becky and Mike went the route of customizing their trailer in order to have the flexibility and creativity to set it up the way Mike wanted it. Down in Mississippi, the trailer underwent some window construction and had a hood fan installed. Now that the trailer is back on Durham turf they are in the process building the mobile kitchen around their 252 Baker’s Pride pizza deck oven. As Becky says, “she is one very large and in-charge baking machine that will provide the power and heat to fill the bellies of Durham with quick and delicious pizza street eats.”

Now all I have to do is wait until Friday for a trip back to that tiny cafe in Barcelona.


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