Meat? Yes Please!

It looks like The Meat House franchise is making it’s mark in the Triangle. Last year father-son team Craig and Derek Wilkins opened their first Triangle location in Cary, this week they will open a second in Raleigh.

According to the press release: After 18 years of working for Time Warner Cable, Cary native Derek Wilkins discovered The Meat House and teamed up with his father, Craig, to realize their dream of opening a family business and embrace their passion for food and grilling. Craig closed out a 37 year career in technology and jumped at the opportunity to work with Derek to build a family business. After owning and operating The Meat House’s Cary location for the past year, the father-son team is looking forward to bringing the brand to Raleigh.

“We have really enjoyed getting to know our customers in Cary and look forward to becoming a part of the Raleigh community as well,” said Derek Wilkins.

I made my first visit to The Meat House last year when my friend Page was sampling grilled meats paired with his North Carolina based Cackalacky sauce, so good!  I remember being surprised that they offered such an array of gourmet food items, many of which are from North Carolina. Also, if you are looking for dinner on the fly, they had a great selection of already marinated meats and poultry. I definitely left the shop that day loaded down with an armload of goodies, including some very good local beer.

“We take extra care to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best quality meat and produce possible,” said Craig Wilkins. “We are happy to be a resource for our neighbors who want to cook a delicious gourmet meal for their family and friends.”

The Raleigh location officially opens next week but to celebrate they are offering Triangle residents a sneak preview tomorrow from 10:30am-2:00pm. Craig and Derek and their staff will be grilling outside the new location at 5045 Falls of Neuse Road and offering samples of  The Meat House’s signature steak tips and marinated chicken.

Since I already have a meeting in the area, I am looking forward to checking out the new location. Who’s joining me for lunch?

A third Triangle location of The Meat House is set to open in Chapel Hill later this Spring at 1508 East Franklin Street by husband and wife team Paul and Donna Coon. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Meat? Yes Please!

  1. Hey gurlfriend!

    i’m working at the new Raleigh store… come see me! don’t even know my schedule yet…when i left Cary store Thursday, the word was we’re opening Wed or Thur this week… know i’m working Thursday but calling to get schedule for other days tomorrow!!! GOOOOOOD Meats and lotsa sauces, including nice selection of NC goodies…local breads/baked goods… lots of Paige’s Yah’s Best stuff… and more!! Be sure not to miss the Ariston Balsamic Vinegar…omg, i could drink it from the vat!

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