Triangle Restaurant Week

A Celebration of Culinary Excellence

January 24-30, 2011

What better way to celebrate the culinary kudos bestowed upon the Triangle in the recent New York Times article, then to get out and take part in Triangle Restaurant Week.

It was Durham mentioned in the article (this time), but we all know the Triangle, as a whole, is quite regularly documented in any number of National publications every month (or just about).

So lucky for us it is once again time for Triangle Restaurant Week, and time to shake off the Winter blues and enjoy dining out around the Triangle.

This year will mark the first year Triangle Restaurant Week will be held bi-annualy featuring more than five dozen of the region’s best restaurants. Next week kicks off round one; January 24-30, round two is coming June 6-12.

My tummy and tastebuds are ready, are yours?

If you haven’t checked out the list of participating restaurants, I suggest you do and join me in the ooohhhing and aaahhhing!

Restaurants are offering 3-course meals (appetizer/entrée/dessert), all for a fixed price of $15 for lunch and $20 or $30 for dinner. (price is per person and does not include drink, tax or gratuity).

I’ve spent some time looking over the restaurant list, mentally checking off the menus that catch my eye. Then of course I’ve checked my bank account to realistically decide how many of said “checked” menus actually fit into my budget.

That being said, I’ve determined (very grudgingly), I am only allowed to prey on a maximum of three restaurants. So the question remains, where am I going to go? This is an extremely tough question for me.

I love food and I love a Chef’s creativity, and Triangle Restaurant Week brings these elements together in a way that has me wanting to rob a bank….well only if I thought I could get away with it. That, and I’m not sure I’d be fed as well in jail either.

And so I have decided I am narrowing down my choices based on these criteria:

Does the restaurant support our local food systems and buy from our local farmers? (I must admit, not all my choices match this criteria, but it is very important to me)

Is the restaurant offering something I wouldn’t normally make at home?

I must partake in the offerings of at least one restaurant I have never been to.

I must, in any and all dine-outs, be accompanied by friends. After all, that is what dining out is all about right? Great food & Great friends!

After much thought and consideration I have narrowed my list to the following restaurants:

One: Tuesday I am joining my dear friend Christie, owner of My Restaurant Guru and a TRW Sponsor, and several friends for a night of abandon….watch out folks!

One: Have you seen the lunch menu? The Thai Salmon Banh Mi is calling out to me!

 Coquette Brasserie: Anything with “frites” works for me.

Guglhupf: I have not dined at Guglhupf since they opened for dinner, this is my perfect opportunity.

Zely & Ritz, Vin Rouge, Market Restaurant: I see them listed as participating restaurants, though I haven’t been able to find their menus. Hmmm!

I’ve made only one commitment, but am happy with my narrowed down list…..I think!

 Of course I haven’t even given my fiancé a chance to voice his opinion, but who am I kidding. When it comes to food, I am stubborn, particular and (sorry honey) a “know it all.”

If you’ve had a look at the menus I would love know where you are planning to go and why. Use the comment section to share your restaurant(s) of choice.

The Triangle Restaurant Week website offers some tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your dining experience:

Not all dining establishments are open the entire week Monday through Sunday, so please call ahead to ensure your destination of choice will be available for seating.

All menus are subject to change without notice based on product availability.

Lunch is optional for restaurant participation; please do not assume all restaurants are participating for both lunch and dinner.

Are you a foodie using Twitter? Join or follow the conversation using the hashtag #trw or me @durhamfoodie

Ok Triangle, let’s get out there and EAT!!!


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