Gulf Relief Family Fun Day

What do you get when two beer loving Durhamites discuss the Gulf oil spill over a beer? The beginning plans for an amazing Durham based fundraiser, that’s what!

Details are still being finalized, however do mark your calendars for Sunday September 26, 2010 and join us for some family fun at the ATC from 1pm-5pm.

No better way to bring together our local community than around beer Right? Daniel from Tyler’s Taproom and I decided this was an awesome opportunity to do some good, bring us all together, and enjoy a fun day of food, games, music and of course beer.

On July 16, 2010, the New Orleans based brewery Abita launched their Save our Seashores (SOS) beer, in which Abita is donating .75 cents of each bottle sold and 100% of all merchandise sales to the SOS Charitable Fund.

The American Tobacco Campus has graciously donated the use of the lawn and Bay 7, The Durham Bulls have come on board to help anyway they can and because of Tyler’s Taprooms’ extensive beer list and relationships in the beer community, Abita has supported this event 100%.

The Gulf Relief Family Fun Day will have several events happening at one time. Abita beer will have a tent set up where SOS merchandise will be available for purchase. Wool E Bull, entertainers and several fun games will entertain kids and live music will be set up on the lawn with Mel Melton and the Wicked Mojo’s and Carnavalito setting the groove.

Local Chefs will complete in a “friendly” cooking contest with a Louisiana based theme in Bay 7. Local celebrities will judge the event after which event guests will be able to sample the food for a small fee, with 100% of proceeds going back to the SOS Charitable fund.

Durham based businesses can form “teams” and have a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money towards the SOS Charitable Fund. The business who raises the most fundraising dollars will receive a private Happy Hour at Tyler’s Taproom sponsored by Abita.

We are in the process of building our website, ( which will be launched by the end of the week. Abita growlers have been ordered and once received will be placed in local restaurants to collect donations.

We are looking to have local restaurants/businesses to give a portion of sales towards the cause as part of the “friendly competition” and the chance to win that Tyler’s Happy Hour sponsored by Abita.

This is a rough draft of things to come, but I wanted to get the information out there. As details are finalized and restaurants and businesses come on board updates will be made.

If  interested in getting involved our have questions, feel free to contact me at, 919-724-1521 or Daniel Kulenic at daniel@tylerstaproom, 919-247-9580.

Looking forward to a great day!


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