A Trip to Mama Dips

After long anticipation, I finally got around to Mama Dips to have a taste of what has been raved about for years….fried chicken.

Being the tail end of my LA friend Joanna’s 10 day excursion to the East Coast, she had yet to sink her teeth into a piece of Southern Fried Chicken. I could not let her leave town without it, and what better excuse to make the trip over to Mama Dips in Chapel Hill.

Armed with healthy appetites (we both seem to have one) and a desire for the full Mama Dips experience, we decided to split several items from the menu so we would not miss out on anything.

First up was a half order of Fried Green Tomatoes. They arrived lightly battered, fried a golden brown and served with a side of ranch dressing. I of course asked for hot sauce to satisfy my need for heat.

Next up we decided a cup of Brunswick Stew and Catfish Gumbo were in order. Both excellent, the gumbo had a nice earthly flavor and the Brunswick Stew was the best I’d enjoyed in a long long time.

And finally what we had come for, Fried Chicken. We ordered the 3 piece platter (white meat) which included two sides and a choice of bread or biscuits (we got the biscuits). With so many sides to choose from we finally agreed on Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas and added an extra side of Stewed Tomatoes and Okra (this dish was my favorite because the okra still had a nice crunch to it and the stewed tomatoes were a perfect combination).

Three piece fried chicken platter with all the sides a couple of chicks could ask for!

Everything was perfect, including the mess on fingers as I tore the moist pieces of chicken off the bone, I have no shame!

This was the best fried chicken I have ever eaten, nice crisp and flavorful coating with juicy meat underneath. The sides were not over salted and the collards and peas had that wonderful Southern flavor of being cooked with pork.

As this was Jo’s last day in town, there was no better way to showcase our areas love of Southern cuisine than to bring her to Mama Dips. She was not disappointed, and between the two of us we ate everything……I think we about licked the plates clean!

Although Jo is back on the West Coast, this area foodie will be back again and again.


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